What type of groups do you normally work with? 

We work with any size group. We can work with big groups or small groups.  We usually work with school groups, churches, non-profit groups, athletic teams and tons of other groups as well.

Do we have to pay for the cards upfront? 

No you do not!  We send you card and let you sell. You are ONLY invoiced for the cards that you sell.

Do we have to take a certain amount of cards?

No you do not!  We will work with you to estimate the right number of cards for your sale.

Can we return unsold cards? 

Yes. You are only invoiced for the cards you sell. You can return any cards that you don't sell. If for any reason you are uncomfortable giving your members actual cards, we will supply you with a color order form and your members can take orders and turn them into you.. 

How long have you been in the fundraising business?

We have been in the business of helping schools, churches, athletic teams and non-profit groups for the last 10 years and we would love to help you!

How do we get cards?

Simply give us a call and we will get you started ASAP! 888-326-4709

Frequently Asked Questions
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