We’ve been truly blessed and fortunate to earn a great living by helping others... and, we look forward to helping you too. 

Greg & Corinne Ramsier 
Peel To Save / KY Fundraising

About Us
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My name is Greg Ramsier and my wife Corinne and I own Peel To Save and
KY Fundraising. We’ve been helping schools, churches and community groups raise funds for over a decade.

We have designed our fundraisers specifically to fit the needs of busy coaches, teachers and community leaders. All our fundraisers are created and carefully chosen to not only be great moneymakers, but most importantly, to feature products that your supporters will be eager to purchase. This strategy has made our products phenomenally successful. 

We are proud that we have been able to provide so many people with “the vehicle”, 
that helps them raise the money they need. Over the past 12 years we have been able 
to help raise MILLIONS of dollars for local Schools, Charities and Non-Profit Groups.

Although we now have products all over the U.S. we take great pride that we have remained a family owned business. So, if you call, rest assured, you’ll speak with 
Corinne or me. 
The Peel To Save®  Fundraising Card
A Quick & Easy Fundraiser 
For Schools, Churches & Non-Profit Organizations!