This simple mission has served us and our groups extremely well.

We are proud that we have been able to provide so many people with “the vehicle”, that helps
them raise the money they need. Over the past 12 years we have been able to help raise
MILLIONS of dollars for local Schools, Charities and Non-Profit Groups.
Although we now have products all over the U.S. we take great pride that we have remained a family owned business. So, if you call us you’ll speak with either Corinne or myself. We are not some big fancy corporation. We truly value the people we work with.
And while I no longer teach, you can still find me most late afternoons coaching basketball. We’ve been truly blessed and fortunate to earn a great living by helping others... and, we look forward to helping YOU too.

Greg & Corinne Ramsier
Peel To Save Fundraising

We know choosing the right fundraiser for your group can be quite an overwhelming experience. You would be surprised how many times we see groups choose fundraisers that aren’t well suited for them. And that’s very understandable. It takes a lot of time and effort to investigate all the different options available and decide what will work best for your group. If you’ve tried “other fundraisers” before and been frustrated and disappointed by your results you are not alone. But don’t worry. I’ve got good news... is it does not have to be that way.   
About Us
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No Money Upfront. No Risk. Big Profits!
The Peel To Save™ Fundraising Card
My name is Greg Ramsier and my wife Corinne and I own Peel To Save Fundraising. We’ve been helping teachers, coaches, church leaders & non-profits raise funds for over a decade. In fact, the reason we are in this business today is because of my own experience as a high school teacher and basketball coach here in Kentucky.  I was never impressed with the fundraising programs available!  So I decided to make just my own.

I knew if I could create quality products that would give groups the profit they rightfully deserve there was a real opportunity to help not only my own situation but to also help others who were fed up just like me. Armed with this bigger purpose, a simple idea and a clear vision of the business I wanted to create, I started Peel To Save and KY Fundraising.

Right from the beginning, we designed our programs specifically to fit the needs of busy teachers, coaches, church & community leaders. Peel To Save products are created to not only be great moneymakers, but most importantly, to be a product that your supporters would be eager to purchase year after year. This strategy has made Peel To Save Fundraising products  phenomenally successful. Peel To Save has become a staple in the communities we serve.

Our flagship product... The Peel To Save Fundraising Card feature hundreds of dollars in savings at many of your area's most popular businesses. The card encourages your supporters to support local businesses that give to their community while providing you with a proven, profitable, risk free fundraising program. It’s a true WIN-WIN!

Since Day 1 our mission has been to provide you with proven fundraising solutions that are simple and extremely profitable.