The Peel To Save™ Fundraising Card
The Peel To Save Card folds up and features 32 to 64 easy to peel off coupons, each one redeemable from a quality local business for your area.

In today's tough economic times it's important to give your supporters something of real value in exchange for their hard earned money.

With the Peel To Save™ Fundraising Card, your supporters save more than the $10 purchase price by using only a few of the local discounts.

In fact, most cards have savings of well over $200.

Because of it's value, this is a fundraiser you can be proud to promote in your local community.

How This Works

  • Absolutely, no upfront money required.
  • Card sells for only $10, so the cards are very easy to sell.
  • No minimum orders. We work with any size group.
  • You sell for 30 days or less, so it's quick and easy.
  • Profit is based on your performance. The more you sell the more you make.
  • You can return any cards you do not sell, so you're never stuck with cards.

We would love to send you a FREE information kit with the
card that we have available for your area. The kit will include all the details you need to know to see if this fundraiser is right for your group.

Simply sign up by clicking here or give us a call toll-free. We look forward to helping you reach all your goals!

Greg & Corinne Ramsier
888-326-4709 (toll-free)

"The Easiest, Most Profitable Fundraiser For Schools, Churches &
Non-Profit Organizations To Earn Thousands of Dollars
With Absolutely "ZERO" Risk.... GUARANTEED!"
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